Golden Triangle

A treasure trove of adventure, the Golden Triangle offers a diverse discovery of western Canada, a serpentine cycle along the border of the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. Beginning near Banff, this easy to moderate six-day trip will have you rising to the challenge of mountain passes while allowing for plenty of cool downhill coasting. Averaging between 60 km/37 miles and 110 km/69 miles per day, your experience is ever changing as you explore three World Heritage National Parks, many historical points of interest and hundreds of miles of wildlife habitat. Appealing to true adventurers, this 296 km/184 mile ride is still suitable for beginners, the perfect way to unleash the explorer in you.

The tour starts and ends in Banff. Meet Sunday, 0800, day of tour start at the hotel in Banff, ready to bike. The tour finishes in Banff late Friday pm. Tranfer to and from the Calgary International Airport is included in the cost of the trip. Arrangements for return flights should be made for Saturday or later. Cycling starts near the Kootenay Park Lodge and ends at Johnston Canyon Resort. Average daily mileage is 60 km/37 mi per day with a high of 110 km/69 mi and a low of 29 km/18 mi.

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