Icefields parkway

The most spectacular journey in the world! To travel the Bow valley and Icefields Parkways is to experience one of Canada’s national treasures and our most rewarding bicycle route. Stretching approximately 279km/173mi between Banff and Jasper the Parkways offer easy access to one of the most spectacular mountain landscapes on earth and viewing these sights from the seat of a bicycle adds to the pleasure. This is a world class journey through the heart of the Canadian Rockies, a vast wilderness of magnificent peaks, ancient glaciers, pristine mountain lakes and rushing rivers. The two Parkways offer a paved road with wide paved shoulders, paralleling the Continental Divide and splitting the Canadian Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia between Banff, Lake Louise, the Columbia Icefields and Jasper.

Our 6 day Icefields Highway tour is designed for the beginner cyclist with a daily mileage of 50km/30mi for 4 days, one day of 80k/50m and a day off in Lake Louise for sightseeing. This schedule leaves lots of time to enjoy the beauty along the way, and most participants leave with the impression that the cycling, while all in the mountains, was a lot easier than anticipated.

With “global warming” of interest to all, the Icefields Highway is one place where it is particularly noticeable. It is difficult to see the changes that have occurred since the late 1800’s and are still occurring unless you are a frequent visitor to the area but at the Columbia Icefields, cement markers show where the toe of the Saskatchewan Glacier was at different points from the late 1800’s to the present and the glacial retreat is both amazing and somewhat alarming. The tour includes the opportunity to drive/walk to the toe of the Saskatchewan Glacier and see the retreat first hand.

The tour starts and ends in Banff. Transfer to and from the Calgary international airport is included. Meet Sunday, 8 am, day of tour start at the hotel in Banff, ready to bike and finish in Banff late Friday pm. Arrangements for return flights should be made for Saturday or later. Cycling starts near Banff and ends in Jasper. Average daily mileage is 48 km/30 mi per day with a high of 83 km/52 mi and a low of 45 km/28 mi.

Banff to jasper in 6 days

Bike Rental

Hybrid 24 speed Norco bikes, for our 6 day tours. Bikes CANNOT be rented without a tour booking.

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Icefields Parkway Camping

Icefields parkway Banff to Jasper. Price is based on double occupancy and does not include GST. Single Supplement fee of 150.00$ applies.

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Icefields Parkway Hotel

Icefields Parkway Banff to Jasper. This trip is with hotel accomadations durring the entire trip. Price is based on double occupancy and does not include GST. Single Supplement fee of 550.00$ applies.

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Single Supplement Camping

Single Supplement fee for camping trips.

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Single Supplement Hotel

Single supplement Fee for Hotel trips.

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Sleeping Bag

Summer sleeping bag for use on trips with the camping option. You can bring your own, but with luggage restrictions of most airlines, renting one can be a space saver on your packing. Rentals are for our 6 day trips, and CANNOT be rented witout a tour booking.

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  1. I just completed the Icefields Highway for the second year in a row. This year, the weather and visibility were perfect and I enjoyed it even more than last year. You have two crackerjack leaders in Sarah and Claude. Their cheery hard work and pleasant tact made the trip fun for all of us. Thanks for a great Canusa trip.


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