National Parks Tour


Reach new and rewarding heights on this extraordinary bike tour of the Canadian Rockies. The splendor of two provinces is yours to intimately discover as the road passes quickly beneath you and the proud pristine peaks put life into perspective.  Incorporating four World Heritage National Parks, you’ll travel 499 km/310 miles on this six-day true adventure, challenged by a wilderness most would consider insurmountable.  Every day is a highlight as you confront mountain passes or relax in Radium Hot Springs and travel new distances to witness the immense miracle of the Columbia Icefields.  Unsurpassed scenery may give way to a glimpse of unsuspecting denizens of the forest, so keep a keen eye as you cycle by mountain lakes, alpine forests and the rocky edges of rushing rivers. Truly the best of the Canadian west, this is the pinnacle of pedaling experiences.

The tour starts and ends in Banff. Meet Sunday, 0800, day of tour start at the hotel in Banff, ready to bike and finish in Banff late Friday pm. Transport between YYC airport and Banff is included in the trip costs. Arrangements for return flights should be made for Saturday or later. Cycling starts near Kootenay Lodge and finishes in Jasper. Average daily mileage is 84 km\52 mi with a high of 130 km/81 mi and a low of 47 km/29 mi.National Parks Tour Map

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