Foothills Mountain Explorer

Enjoy the beauty of Waterton lakes national park waterton_lakethen follow the foothills of the Canadian Rockies foothills_near_langdon along scenic ranchland to Kananaskis provincial park. Over the Highwood pass and along the kananaskis river to stay in a teepee for one night.teepee Then ride down to the bow valley and west to Banff national park for the last night.

The tour starts and ends in Calgary. Meet Sunday, 8:30 am, day of tour start at the hotel in Calgary, transfer to waterton, and relax in waterton for the afternoon. Riding begins from the hotel in waterton and finish in Banff  Friday pm. Arrangements for return flights should be made for Saturday or later. Average daily mileage is 79.3 km/49 mi per day with a high of 97 km/60 mi and a low of 53 km/33 mi

Bike Rental

Hybrid 24 speed Norco bikes, for our 6 day tours. Bikes CANNOT be rented without a tour booking.

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Foothills Mountain Explorer

New for the 24th season, we will be doing a tour from the Waterton lakes National park to Banff National Park. Depart from Calgary, night in Waterton, ride out of the park to Pincher creek on day two. Follow the foothills up to Longview over two days, then  into Kananaskis provincial park and over the Highwood pass. Spend a night in a tipi, then off to Banff on the 5th day. One day in Banff then transfer to Calgary.

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Single Supplement Camping

Single Supplement fee for camping trips.

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Single Supplement Hotel

Single supplement Fee for Hotel trips.

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Sleeping Bag

Summer sleeping bag for use on trips with the camping option. You can bring your own, but with luggage restrictions of most airlines, renting one can be a space saver on your packing. Rentals are for our 6 day trips, and CANNOT be rented witout a tour booking.

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